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Looking for Ways to Improve your Tennis Game? I’m here to help.

Let’s take a look at improving the most commonly used shot in tennis, the Forehand.

Step 1: Start in the ready position

Step 2: Turn feet and body sideways (bend knees for balance).

Step 3: Lower the racquet below your waist, and have the Butt of the handle facing the net

Step 4: Step your front foot forward (this way you’re able to be balanced and put more power into your shots)

Step 5: Keep the hand that is not holding the racquet pointed at the ball. (Using your other hand to point at the ball helps with balance, timing, and focus while you’re swinging).

Step 6: Swing the racquet and keep your arm as straight as possible until follow through. (Maintaining straight arms will help control your accuracy, and allow you to consistently hit more balls over the net).

Step 7: In the Final Step, you’ll follow through over your shoulder, while catching the racquet with your other hand. (Following through will help the ball rise over the net, and add topspin for the ball to come down in the court of play. Catching the racquet with your other hand after you have swung helps, maintain balance).

Finish the shot and get back into Ready Position to be prepared for the next shot.

More Tips to come. Keep Playing and Hitting.

-Michael Gershon, Tennis Teaching Pro